Prepping for Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight, many people take a single-minded approach. Some immediately throw themselves into exercise. Others focus on calorie counting. Still others eliminate one food group in the quest for better living. Although any of these tracks can ultimately be successful, they each overlook a powerful but simple tool: preparation. Weight loss food preparation can create an environment in which you can succeed. Here are three strategies you can incorporate into any weight loss plan.

Make Mealtime Easy

On busy nights, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen. Try these plan-ahead options as alternatives:

  • Prep ingredients when you have more time and then create meal kits for hectic nights.
  • Double your favorite meals when you make them and freeze the extra portion for another night.
  • Break out your slow cooker in the morning and come home to a hot meal at night.
  • Start a healthy dinner club with friends or family and take turns cooking one big meal for everyone.

By planning ahead, you will always have a quick and easy meal on hand.

Invest in the Right Tools

Just like any new endeavor, weight loss food preparation requires the right tools. At the start of your journey, invest in a few cooking accessories that can help you prepare healthy meals. Buy a small kitchen scale to help measure portions accurately. Purchase a vegetable steamer to make steaming fresh or frozen vegetables easy. Finally, invest in some good lunch containers to make taking healthy meals easy.

Prep Your Fruits and Veggies

Packed with nutrition, fruits and vegetables are a major part of most healthy eating plans. To make it easier to get your recommended daily servings, prep vegetables at the beginning of each week. For meals, try washing, chopping, and dicing vegetables in bulk and then packaging them for weeknight meals. For healthy snacking, cut up fruits and vegetables in finger food sizes so they are readily available.

Even the best weight loss plan requires the right tools. Planning and preparation are the foundation for success. Armed with these three simple strategies, you will be ready to tackle a new healthy lifestyle.

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