Healthy Food Swaps to Make Today

When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be hard to make healthy choices that alter your normal habits and routines. One easy way to ease yourself into a healthy eating routine is by making simple swaps that will make a big difference. Check out the options below to start making better choices today.

  1. Instead of cow’s milk, opt for cashew milk.
  2. Instead of ricotta cheese, opt for light cottage cheese.
  3. Instead of eggs, opt for flaxseed.
  4. Instead of butter, opt for applesauce.
  5. Instead of salt, opt for sodium-free garlic powder.
  6. Instead of breadcrumbs, opt for oats.
  7. Instead of sugar, opt for banana.
  8. Instead of sour cream, opt for nonfat yogurt.
  9. Instead of cream, opt for mashed potatoes.
  10. Instead of croutons, opt for seeds.
  11. Instead of oil, opt for avocado.
  12. Instead of cheese, opt for nutritional yeast.

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