Food Swaps For Better Sleep

Scientists out of Harvard University have found that those who give five hours of sleep or less per night are 32% more likely to put on up to 33 extra pounds over the course of the year. Sleep affects your weight and health, but have you ever wondered about how you eat affecting your sleep? If you’re having trouble sleeping, it could be partially attributed to what you eat! This give and take is an important consideration to keep in mind when understanding your well-being and health. That being said, these diet swaps could help you to sleep better and longer, which could in turn help your overall health.

Skip turkey, opt for salmon.

Skip raw veggies, opt for leafy greens.

Skip wine, opt for tart cherry juice.

Skip decaf coffee, opt for chamomile tea.

Skip ice cream, opt for popcorn.

Skip dark chocolate, opt for honey.

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