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Looking to Become More Active? Start Walking!

Looking to Become More Active? Start Walking! | eHealthPath's BlogAre you considering different ways to add more physical activity to your lifestyle? If so, there are clearly many options available to you– but new information from fitness experts is showing that walking is the superfood of fitness. Author and scientist Katy Bowman suggests that there are “movement nutrients, just like dietary nutrients, that the body needs.” Utilizing the simple act of walking to provide physical activity and movement is an easy method to integrate exercise into your daily life.

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Eating Smart for Your Whole Body

We all know that eating well will provide health benefits for your whole body, but specific good-for-you foods can target health of specific body parts! Melon and citrus fruits are linked to breast health, as they are rich in Vitamin C which helps prevent breast cancer. Both rhubarb and bok choy are rich in minerals that support strong bones and bone-mineral density. Healthy fats in olive oil have been shown to suppress genes predisposed to cancer, with one study showing a 30% lower risk of ovarian cancer in women with olive oil-rich diets. Walnuts are shown to improve brain performance, while carrots have long been associated with eye health. Grapes are linked to heart health, and sweet potatoes to the pancreas. These healthy foods are great examples of snacks to grab that will benefit your body, both as a whole and in specific areas!

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Fighting High Cholesterol with Healthy Foods

In working to improve personal health and fitness, lowering your cholesterol may be an important thing to keep track of and monitor. While many researchers have proven the effectiveness of implementing a Mediterranean diet, full of fresh veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and olive oil, there are other specific healthy foods that you can also eat to help lower your numbers. Beans, unsaturated fats, oats, nuts, citrus fruits, wheat bran, and sterols/stanols are all proven to have some effect on levels of cholesterol in the body. By switching out a few unhealthy options for these healthful ones, you can be on your way to lowering your cholesterol and feeling better overall.

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