Top 5 Supergreens

We’re sure you’ve been hearing the word “superfood” lately in a variety of contexts. A multitude of specific foods do in fact offer these super benefits, and greens are especially great for getting your body the nutrients that it needs. Whether you’re interested in juicing these up for a green drink or prefer to eat them in their original form, check out these top five supergreens.

Is Millet The New Quinoa?

If you’re like thousands of other Americans, you may have taken a liking to the increasingly-popular grain, quinoa, over the past few years. The nutritional powerhouse has become the go-to gluten free grain in the health world, but many have also turned their attention to the high price and environmental and social quandaries that the grain brings with it. For this reason, some are thinking about switching over to another gluten-free grain called millet. Affordable, easy to prepare, and filled with nutritional benefits, millet is a good option if you’re thinking to move away from brown rice or quinoa. Millet has a mild nutty flavor that can easily take on the flavor of the dish you are including it in.

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Cranberry Smoothie Recipe

Sometimes it can be easy to fall into a rut when it comes to healthy recipes. Smoothies are a great way to combine a variety of fruits and veggies into a healthy drink, but you might still feel limited to the drinks you usually make. Here’s a fresh twist on a classic smoothie that you’re sure to love.

Metabolism-Boosting Foods to Enjoy All Day Long

Looking to up your metabolism and get things going? Focusing on foods that will fill you up and keep you satisfied, full of protein, fiber, and nutrients, will be your best bet. Berries, high-fiber cereal, lean protein, citrus fruits, green tea, fatty fish, spicy peppers, pistachios, lentil soup, and popcorn top the list of metabolism-boosting foods that will actually satisfy your hunger and cravings. What is your favorite on this list?

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Shortcuts and Strategies for Planning Family Dinners

Most people know it is a good idea to plan menus for family dinners, but they still do not make time to do it. Here are some shortcuts and strategies to get meal planning done fast, save time and reduce your stress.

  1. Plan one night for leftovers and one night for a freezer meal. Make a double batch of select recipes and freeze one for later. Alternately, the second batch can serve as a simple leftover meal towards the end of the week.

Choosing the Right Diet Plan for You

Any individual embarking upon a new eating regimen or diet will do well to do significant research before beginning the eating plan. Take a look at the following questions and consider how your potential diet addresses each topic.

  • What nutrients are you lacking if you choose this diet?
    • Grains, beans, legumes, and fruit all provide a variety of important nutrients. Many diets will eliminate specific categories or food groups. It is important to check out what nutrients you may be missing out on if you eliminate these types of foods.
  • What are you substituting?
    • Some eating plans and diets suggest substituting certain types of foods for “unhealthy” foods. Consider that you will be increasing your consumption of that new food or foods and be sure that this will be best for your health.
  • Is this diet sustainable?
    • Many diets or eating plans are created for short-term solutions and not so much for sustainable weight loss and well being. Returning to former food habits can result in gaining weight back, so take a look at the sustainability of the eating plan before moving forward.

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