We make planning better meals easier than ever. Through eHealthPath, you learn to look for seasonal, sustainable and healthful foods. We’ll also help you escape the humdrum food ruts by introducing dazzling flavor combinations and innovative cooking techniques. We know just how to help you create eye-appealing, ever-changing menus for yourself, your family and friends.


eHealthPath does more than teach you how to make a few dishes. We prepare you to cook in a wide variety of ways. No matter if you are a fledgling amateur or an advanced foodie, our easy-to-follow video series teach you the hows of cooking as well as the whys. Knowing the reasons for utilizing specific cooking techniques and flavor combinations can open up a world of possibilities in your kitchen.


Too often we treat food only as fuel. We relate to food in terms of how it can be objectively measured for calories, fiber, and other dietary dimensions.  Yet, optimal health depends not only on what we eat but also how we eat. At eHealthPath we encourage playing with food, experimenting, introducing fresh and sometimes unexpected ingredients. We show you how to add a dimension of fun and originality to meals, values that often get lost in cooking and nutrition courses.


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What You Get

A proven curriculum that builds on new skills

 54 Mix + Match Meal Cards to show you what foods to pair with various ingredients

On demand video lessons –high quality and focused on techniques

Practice recipes to hone your new skills

Access to experts to answer questions and cheer you on

An unconditional money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied

What You Learn

 How to turn a favorite recipe into many different yet delicious meals

 How to combine new ingredients to create incredibly tasty meals

 How to easily take your palate on a world tour using flavor profiles

A recipe-shorthand technique guaranteed to save you time

How to read food labels like a nutritionist and identify harmful ingredients

 And much, much more

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