A cooking adventure with all the right tools to build confidence in the kitchen. Crafted for cooks of every skill level. You will master the 4 must-know healthy cooking methods. You will know your foods. You will master the art of great leftovers.You will be a better cook.





One year access to Healthy Cooking Essentials. Includes video lessons and updates. Plus myKCards Edition1. Plus an eBook with 25 fresh recipes. Plus access to nutrition and cooking experts. Plus access to a private healthy cooking forum. Regular price $67

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Standard Plan items: video lessons with updates, myKCards, recipe eBook, access to experts and the community forum. PLUS myKCards editions 2 and 3 to be published in 2015 and a high quality “inspired cook “apron. Regular price $127

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The healthy cooking essentials program is a life-changing gift for relatives, friends and co-workers. It’s a thoughtful wedding shower gift. Everything in the Premium Plan is included – access to the videos, KCards, apron, and recipe eBook. Regular price $127

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myKCards are the heart of the program. The cards are chock full of ideas that complement the cooking videos. Ingredients are color-coded to help you make balanced meals. The QR codes take you to the videos for a quick review. Take them to the grocery store and use the pictures to find unfamiliar ingredients. You will make healthier choices when you use the nutrition information on the cards. Use the Spice cards to create your own spice mix. We will publish new myKCards every few months so you’ll keep expanding your cooking skills.




The healthy cooking videos teach basic cooking skills. We know that you will be a better cook when you learn the basics cooking methods. You set your own learning pace. Watch the videos one at a time or all at once. Reinforce your new cooking skills with practice recipes. You will like the way we use animation to help you remember your new skills. We focus the lessons on the techniques not the chef. You stay focused on learning. If you stop a video, you will come right back to where you left off. You can test your knowledge using skill-reviews.




Wear your “Inspired Cook” apron as you fix balanced and healthy meals. Use new ingredients in your meals. Play with new spices. Cook the practice recipes to lock in the new skills. Use the online forum to find others who are interested in cooking. Meet our cooking and nutrition experts at the forum. Share your successes with them. Ask questions. Get answers, fast. Play with myKCards to teach your kids about new vegetables and nutrient-rich grains. They will love it. You will be proud. Use your new skills. You will have fun fixing fresh meals for your family.



You will master the 4 must-know healthy cooking methods. You will know your foods. You will master the art of great leftovers. It’s a cooking adventure with all the right tools to build confidence in the kitchen. Crafted for cooks of every skill level.

We just don’t give you get a bunch of recipes. Recipes tell what to do, they don’t tell you how to do it. And they only tell you how to make a single dish.

You will learn the bedrock healthy cooking skills you can apply to any recipe you cook, for the rest of your life. And do it from the comfort of home.

You will learn how to:
    • Keep the juice inside the meat where you want it – not running out on the plate.
    • Combine flavors like a pro to make a dish taste heavenly
    • Find out what flavor a meal is missing — sweet? salty? sour?
    • Sear meat like a professional chef – in your own kitchen, with everyday pans and utensils
    • Choose the best meats for moist cooking – Hint: this will also save you money at the grocery store
    • Prevent food poisoning by using the safest method to thaw and cook any food
    • Cut down prep time (without cutting your fingers) with easy to learn knife skills

The Healthy Cooking Essentials program includes the following topics:

Lesson 1

Healthy pantry See how helpful and economical it can be to dress your kitchen for success.


Learn to play with your KCards This novel approach to flavor combinations comes in the form of playing cards. What you learn will transform your easy recipes into flavorful delights.


The art of seasoning and science of taste Playing with flavor inspires a new level of freedom in the kitchen. From quick and easy recipes to a lamb cassoulet, taste, smell, touch and even sight affect the way we determine flavor!

lesson 2-crop
Food safety ensures more food fun Clean, separate, cook and chill, healthy eating begins when we ensure food safety in the kitchen. Protecting food quality is all about good science and good sense.


lesson 7 sear
The truth about pan searing: Let go of the fear of cooking with very hot pans. This high heat cooking method produces a delectable crust that adds tons of flavor and color and a wealth of new meal ideas.


Braise and stew like a pro:  These slow, simmering cooking methods develop mouth-watering results with fish, tough cuts of meat and more. It’s all about cooking time, great taste and easy food preparation.


Sauté with confidence:  A high heat method of cooking, sauté lets you prepare light, savory meals with ease. A steel pan captures the flavor bits, and inexpensive oil does the trick. And you keep all the nutrients. /


Steam with style: Steaming two ways, stove top and oven, turns healthy food choices, from broccoli to free range chicken, into a delectable, wholesome meal. It’s also a quick and easy technique to learn.


Sweating without the gym: A cousin of sautéing, the technique of sweating softens veggies without browning them. One more flavor- brightening tool to add to your “Inspired Cook “apron pocket.


Blanch and Shock: It’s a bit like a sauna for veggies. Submerge into hot, plunge into ice water and shock the socks off it or, in reality, stop the cooking process. Blanching also softens and adds vibrant color.


Poaching with panache: Healthy recipes sparkle when poached. Best foods to poach include fish, boneless chicken, eggs and fruits. Four simple steps and voila! You’ve mastered another great technique.


Caramelize with flair: You could call it a magical technique that turns savory to sweet. It happens to sugars when they’re slowly heated up, and it can turn a sharp edged onion into a mild and sweet sensation.


Lesson 13:  Knife skills for one and all: Your gripping techniques make you a more efficient cook while ensuring that you keep all your fingers in the process.


Knife skills for the onion lover: Cut an onion cry little. That’s because this technique will get you safely and quickly through the process before you can run for the tissue box.


Knife skills for the chicken devotee: We do love our chicken, so why not practice a safe, efficient knife technique that will save us a few bucks at the market.


Lesson 16: Time for practice : The eBook gives you access to 25 chef-crafted and cook-tested recipes to let you practice the skills you are mastering. You can download just one or all three formats to maximize your browsing flexibility on any tablet, eReader or computer screen.


Skills review: No trick questions, just the pleasure of reviewing everything you have learned, tried for the first time or refined to perfection and we won’t even record your scores!


Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee


We are so confident you will love Healthy Cooking Essentials that we are offering a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love the program, just let us know. We will refund every penny of your purchase price—no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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